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The Church of Ueshima
The Mother, Son and Holy Lipgloss, Nfu~
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27th-Feb-2006 07:17 pm - A crisis in faith
Tuti: KY only hope
O Ueshima who thou art in heaven, forgive me Father for have I sinned most greviously!

You give us such love and light, you bestow upon us the Grace of your divine wisdom, you give us dancing boys and gay scripted moments on stage, and you have brought together the two men whom I care the most about than anything else in this world. But I have wronged you my Lord, I who am the Mother and the patron of lube and the devout child of the Holy Saint Tsuchiya, my thoughts betray me and I have sinned!

Today you gave us a gift most divine, a blessing from Your hand in heaven, yet I have taken Your kindness and squandered it on doubts and thoughts most unpure. It is not St. Tsuchiya's gay confession I question, but the motives behind it, and whether his feelings are shared by the beautiful St. Nagayama. I have entertained thoughts most wicked, visions most unhappy, of a sad and broken man who lives a lonely life in love with his best friend and knowing that his feelings are not returned. Where you have given us light and love, I see the foreshadowing of darkness, I see a man not annoucing his sexuality but announcing his desires and feelings knowing full well that they are not reciprociated in kind.

I am horribly grieved by these thoughts and I beg your forgiveness my Lord! Help me, show me the guiding way back from this land of doubt and sadness, show me the Light of your unwavering love and Grace, where I might embrace that which I have been blessed without these thoughts that plague me so.

In the name of the Son Yanagi, the Father Ueshima, and the Holy KiraKira, Amen.
24th-Feb-2006 04:26 pm - Friday Confessional
U-Kiss - Kevin Loves Me Deal
In the dark recesses of backstage of a Tenimyu performances the Church of Ueshima, the Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Moriyama Eiji realized something was missing... and then, while deep in fangirl prayer, she realized exactly what it was that was lacking in their oh so holy church. So she emptied out a broom closet worked and built something wonderful...

The Tenimyu Confessional

Right, so I'm sure you all know what Confession is. Pretty much, if you think you did something that Ueshima, the mother Kime, or your saint needs to know to purify your oh so holy fangirl heart, post an anonymous comment here. It MUST MUST MUST be anonymous, because posting your name takes the fun out of it nobody needs to know your unfangirl thoughts.
23rd-Feb-2006 04:44 pm - Ueshimism 101
Saint Aiba [Little] Patron of Tacky Cock
We bring you today the teachings of The Holy Church of Ueshima. [Now Recruiting]

Lead me not to temptation... My faith does that already.
My Holy Mother has a penis. Allegedly.

We don't have Church on Sundays, we have Chats on Fridays.
"And tonight we shall be reading from the book of pnish once again.."
"Not AGAIN."
"But we still have the chapters of age, cafe, monsters, and all of the legended Chapter Four"

Guided by the hand of Ueshima, Our Lord; Yanagi is Our Saviour and Kimeru Our Holy Mother.

We worship the Saints, from the Old and New Testament. Behold their grace!

St. Endou, St. TakiEiji, St. MoriEiji, St. Tuti, St. Nagayan, St. Souta, St. Naoya, St. Abe, St. Aiba, St. Shirota, St. Adachi, St. Araki, St. Zukki, St. Kaji, St. Kujirai and St. Kotani.

Let us not forget our Angels too, for they look over us on a daily basis.

Our Archangels.
The Ruling Angels who shine upon us from the Scorching Halls of Hyoutei, lead by Kazuki; Kenken, Date, Aoyagi, Takuya, Washimi, Saitou and Kawai.

Our Seraphim.
The "Lofty Ones", the spirits of love. They provide the universe with positive light and spirit, coming to us from the Holy Halls of St Rudolph: KENN, Katou, Yuki, Shinoda and Aoki.

Our Cherubs.
Spirits of harmony, representing the wisdom of God, from the Angsty Halls of Fudomine: Konoshi, YOH, Fujiwara, Yasuyuki, Takagi, Mamoru and Takuma.

Our Thrones.
The Angels of Justice, hailing from the Challenging Halls of Yamabuki: Wada, Juri, Piroshi, Kawakubo, Hayashi and Yanagisawa.

And Ichitarou, the fallen one.

Less but not least, our Three Wisemen, Hotta, Ishibashi and Toyonaga, who lead us to our Saviour with their Two Years Prophetic Experience.

Be warned children about the Antichrist. I bring you the words of Mother Superior of The Holy Order of Moriyama Eiji, which came to her in dreams The AntiChrist is the producer who will say Tenimyu is over; He has no face, we don't know who he is... but he will exist, and it will happen one day.


honooko, Honooko, Mother Superior of the Order of Blossam. [Nagayan]
umbrellaofdoom, Becca, Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Moriyama Eiji. [MoriEiji]
little_ribbon, Lin, Mother Superior of the Holy Order of The Broom. [Shio]
fencer_x, Court, Mother Superior of the Spazzy Kissy Faces. [Zukki]
mari_yagami, Mari, Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Tacky Cocksucking. [Aiba]

(and the representatives of the Orders of Ueshima, Tuti and Naoya, should they choose to embrace the faith, iverin, kooriyoukai and butterfly_eli, respectively.)

And now, let us read from our Dream Psalms and rejoice while we spread the word of the Origins of our Holy Church.

And remember my children if faced with evil, commend your soul to the Lord and perform the sign of the Holy Racket, to guard you from any harm and rape charges.

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23rd-Feb-2006 02:16 pm(no subject)
U-Kiss - Kevin Loves Me Deal
And thus, Ueshimism was born.. (Chatlog)Collapse )
23rd-Feb-2006 04:54 pm(no subject)
Naoya "look to the sky"
Forgive me Saint Naoya, for I have sinned against Your Holy Order. Due to a Weakness of the Body (and of the mind) I forwent the daily 'Running of the 10K' due to upper arm soreness from the weight training regiment.

I also compared Your Heavenly Self to a mere mortal "nice guy" the other day.

For penance, I shall take two Dixie cupfuls of Inui Jiru, say 10 "Hail Kime"s, review the chapter of "Panic Cafe", and seek meaning in the Eyeshield 21 "Message from Goumoto Naoya" in the hope of purifying myself and once again properly maintaining my leadership position in Your Name.

In the name of the holy Kaidou!Bandanna, Fshuuuuuuuuu~
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