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The Church of Ueshima
The Mother, Son and Holy Lipgloss, Nfu~
Myuvent, a few months later 
14th-Apr-2007 05:37 pm
U-Kiss - Kevin Loves Me Deal
Hey everyone.
Just thought I would make this post because I've been getting a lot of comments asking where the downloads went.
I'm not able to do a big upload like I did at Christmas again, and most of the downloads have since expired. The only one I have left is Dream Live 2nd. As well, many of the files have since been removed from my computer so I don't have them readily available.

If you are looking for musicals, they are available for torrent on this tracker from fencer_x.
17th-Apr-2007 07:27 am (UTC)
Wow, if someone Is kind enough to upload them again, I'm sure there're others besides me who would Totally appreciate it :D
I have a few musicals too, but I'm not sure if any of them is from this community, so I'm not sure if I can upload them here..?
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